Lower Emission

Mine Smarter. Reduce Emissions.

We help our customers take steps today to reduce their emissions and progress towards their sustainability goals.

Lower Emissions By the Numbers

Tonnes of CO2 saved per drill annually with Thunderbird 1110
Tonnes of CO2 saved per excavator annually with a Stingray cast lip
Tonnes of CO2 saved annually for the same ROM production with Titan 3330

Mining Products Designed to Help Reduce Emissions

Thunderbird Drilling Optimization

Make every blast count with the drill and blast data that matters.

DecaEdge Cast Lip for Wheel Loaders

The world’s first single-piece wheel loader cast lip, available in 9, 10, and 11 stations.

Titan 3330 Payload Monitoring

Give your operators the tools to consistently fill buckets and trucks to target payloads.

Why Costa Mining Corporation

We Know Mining

After 35+ years serving miners exclusively, we get you, from common challenges to operational priorities.

We Work Closely With You

We're on the groud with you, always looking for improvements, solving problems and supporting you every step of the way to greatr productivity.

We're Passionate Innovators

We never stop on our mission to develop the most advanced solutions in the world. We use culing-edge technologies like FEA and scale testing to precision engineer every centimeter.