Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment

Costa Mining Corporation believes that we have a duty to the environment and communities we operate.

Social Responsibility

As part of our commitment to supporting the communities we operate in, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee has annual budget responsibility for supporting the environment, charities, and our community.

Any Costa Mining Corporation employee can nominate opportunities to the committee, which is formed from members across our business.

Some of the important causes we’ve supported include:

Responsible Sourcing

Across our supply chain, we’re committed to ensuring that we and our business partners operate with respect for human rights.

Our commitment includes providing a fair, safe, and healthy working environment for both our employees and our suppliers. We don’t tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour.

We have structured audit and review processes with our suppliers to assess whether they are meeting our standards. Our suppliers have processes in place for managing their risks and are expected to work with us to meet our minimum standards.

We evaluate supplier risks under the following seven categories:

Environment and Sustainability

Environmental Impact

We’ve completed a full audit of our carbon emissions (tonnes of CO2 emissions) and have identified the most significant opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint, aiming for Net Zero by 2025.

Based on our audit, our most significant area of opportunity is to convert to renewable energy. Our Sydney office is already carbon neutral for electricity consumption, with 100% of the power coming from renewable energy sources. Additionally, 95% of our Goodna technology center’s electricity is renewable, thanks to its solar panels.

We want to convert all our offices and manufacturing centers to renewable energy.

Our Foundry

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and two ways we do this is by recycling both steel and sand.

Our manufacturing process almost exclusively uses recycled scrap steel to produce new, world-class mining components. We recover scrap steel from our customers and all waste steel from our manufacturing process.

As part of our foundry’s casting process, we use virgin silica sand blended with reclaimed sand to create molds. Molten steel is poured into the sand molds. As the steel cools, it takes the shape of the mold. The sand is then conditioned to be reused to make new molds.

Historically, we’ve used around 2,000 tonnes of virgin silica sand each year. When the sand can no longer be reused, we send it to a beneficial reuse facility to be made into compost. This keeps 2,000 tonnes of sand out of the landfill, but to reduce our waste even more we have installed a sand reclamation plant to recycle sand more effectively.

This has decreased our consumption of new sand by ~50%. Not only does this reduce the need for new sand, but it also means fewer truckloads to dispose of waste sand, reducing carbon emissions.